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  1. Delia schreibt:

    THEN SHE SURE AS HELL COULD HAVE ABORTED FETUSES PURPOSELY IN THE PAST and is today calling them MISCARRIAGES. All speculation, no facts. Sorry. I could speculate many things about many people. Obama could really be an alien from another planet. Prove me wrong. Out of cuiihsrty…Woy do you feel this intense for her to have had an abortion anyway? Is it that difficult to discredit her using facts that you have to make things up from thin air?

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  2. July 22, 2011 – 6:47 pm Even though the post is a bit old, I wanted to comment on the fact that the information specifically for LinkedIn is still relevant. I belong to several groups in my local area that connect and plan through LinkedIn updates, and as well I have been able to connect with other local peers through regular discussions. In my opinion, LinkedIn has only gotten more effective at finding local connections with the advanced search options.Cheers.Chris Kulbaba

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  3. eu acho que não tem nada a ver , porque o calendario americano eles escrevem ao contrario e então ficaria 05/24 , o que não existe , é pouco provavel que tenham escrito do nosso modo.

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  4. Tolle Sache, Klaus! Taiwan läßt einen so schnell nicht los, nicht wahr?!Darf ich fragen, wie und vor allem wo und mit welchen Kosten du vorhast, dein Chinesisch in Taipeh aufzupolieren? Da ich im Okt/Nov. auch 3 Wochen dort bin, überlege ich, ob ich auch einige Stunden Chinesisch nehme…Danke – ich freue mich über deine Berichte!

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  5. A bit off topic, but I would like to advertise on youtube. I'm looking for people willing to post a link to one of my websites in their description box. I am looking for ~100'000 views a month video regarding health and fitness.I am ready to pay 30$ a month for that via paypal. If you are interested email me

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  6. Anonim multumim de comentariu! Florenta e un oras foarte frumos si merita vizitat! cred ca daca reusesti sa stai o perioada mai lunga de timp vezi si intelegi totul altfel! mie mi-e dor dupa 4 zile asa ca dupa 5 ani va inteleg perfect!!!

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  7. I have dropped 3508 points in two days. The first day I slept two hours and start the drink in duels, just add 2200 points achieved.Tampa is adding more than 2000 points???I’m upset and sad = (

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  8. sungguh sangat booming saat ini. Bahkan di Indonesia (saat posting ini ditulis), Facebook (FB) menjadi situs nomor 1 menurut ranking Alexa. Ini menunjukkan pengguna Facebook di Indonesia sangat

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  9. Før bryllup er det viktig med en pause, ja for selv om man ikke er brud er slike dager lange. :)Kikket på hagekassa di. Så smart og herlig. Jeg gjør som deg,slenger fra meg hageredskapene overalt. Jeg har dog gitt opp å prøve å holde orden i "sy"sakene Sånn er det bare. :))

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